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Lee Morris
Charleston, SC

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It's Time to Consider Switching Your Network to 10 Gb/s

If you're a photographer or videographer you probably already have some sort of external storage. As your workload ramps up, it may become more convenient to house all of your files on and work from an external device like a NAS box (network attached storage). They can have practically unlimited storage, your data is redundant, they are able to be accessed by multiple computers at once, and now they are faster than ever.

What Happened When I Broke My Leg While Filming Our Last Project

Last year, right around this time, Patrick and I booked a flight to Mexico to film Mike Kelley photographing the most expensive house ever sold in Playa Del Carmen. It certainly had the potential to be an incredible trip. The day before we were set to leave I decided to go out kiteboarding and I ended up breaking my tibia internally at my knee. For some reason I still went to Playa Del Carmen the next day.