The Best Macro Photographs on Fstoppers

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Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

There are some really creative and well produced macro photos featured in this video. Great stuff!

J Sclafani's picture

Outstanding work! Very well done.

Pierre Anquet's picture

Thank you guys for featuring three of my images. Some precisions on my photos, for studio I use some cheap LED lights from ikea, that's why the shutter speed is so slow, but it's very effective. For the lenses I use an Mp-e 65 from Canon and also some microscope lenses like an old cheap Russian lens (the lomo 3.7x) used for the bee or an Olympus UplanFl 10x for the moth's scales at the end.

Troy Straub's picture

Great video, and awesome images! Thanks to everyone involved!

James Fox's picture

Very grateful to have some of my work featured amongst some amazing photographers!
Great work everyone!

LA M's picture

Excellent work...every single one

Liza Rock's picture

Thanks a lot for the feature! Some great stuff there and awesome job Andres!

Andres Moline's picture

Thank you my friend

Dmitry A's picture

Thank you very much for featuring my photo in this cool video!

raul dighero's picture

Thank you for the honor of being in this selection of photographs, it is much appreciated.