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Ninja Style Mantis

A newborn Orchid Mantis Nymph

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Sandra McCabe's picture

Extraordinary image and an extraordinary insect !!!

Liza Rock's picture

Thanks a lot! 😃

Kevin Plovie's picture

You are a MACRO Queen !! Lovely shot

Liza Rock's picture

Thank you so much Kevin! :)

davide colli's picture

Simply amazing work

Liza Rock's picture

Thanks a lot!

Liza Rock's picture

Thank you! Lol yes it is another one in the background 😉

Kawika Lopez's picture

Woe. This is awesome.

Liza Rock's picture

Thanks a lot

renimagines's picture

Really cool

Kevin Harding's picture

Great insect and an excellent shot. Maybe photo stacking for a little more DoF would have improved it a tad but then maybe it wouldn't have stayed still long enough :)

Liza Rock's picture

Thanks a lot! Yes many if not most of my shots are stacked, but sometimes a nice creamy drop off can be appealing too ;)

Adrian Lopez's picture

amazing capture

Liza Rock's picture

Many thanks!

Mustafa Öztürk's picture

Very nice macro work. Dear friend.