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The Cutest Spider Ever!

An adorable and very special and rare jumper we found during our photo expedition in Colombia. Such a cute little fluffy thing. - An adult female Beata Sp. (Bird Dung mimicking jumping spider)

65mm · f/14.0 · 1/160s · ISO 100
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Great photograph!

Thank you!

Exquisite! Great composition, awesome light, fantastic detail.

Thank you very much!!!

OMG! Squee!

Also, what a great image.

Thank you again 😊

Congrats on photo of the day! It was WELL deserved! <3

Thanks a lot Jess! I appreciate it ❤

Wow, very cool

congratulations my friend! :)

Thanks a lot buddy! :D

How is it that something called a “bird dung mimicking jumping spider” somehow looks better in this photo than I ever have in any photo ever? Haha.
Amazing work!

Hehe thank you so much!!! Adorable right? 😊

Great shot. As an arachnophobe I always find it funny that these guys look so adorable. Well done.

Thanks a lot! Yes I used to be one, but these jumpers totally turned me around.


Thanks a lot!

Yes he is. I love spiders. Great shot all the way around, its perfect.

Thank you so much!

Awesome capture