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Canon 7D
100mm · f/13.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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That`s a five from me!

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Thank you very much Jan Elde your comment is much appreciated

Christopher Boles's picture

Perfect! Image stacked?

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if a total of 30 images

robertc's picture

Amazing work Raul

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Thank you very much for your kind comments!

Jason MacIsaac's picture

Holy shit, this is great Raul! I want a 100mm :)

raul dighero's picture

It is worth having it is magical what you see through it

Philippe 97531's picture

Even if I were to have the same camera, I won't be able to achieve this stunning result

Geoff Simmons's picture

Superb macro

Dave Swarthout's picture

Absolutely stunning!

Carlos Santero's picture

Absolutely Fantastic

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Wow thanks for your comments.

Phil Cornwall's picture

Wicked good work bro!

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Thanks Phil Cornwall i appreciate your comment

Hans Off's picture

Excellent photo! I am in macro as well and I know how much work is involved. What stacking software did you use?

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Thanks Hans Off for the comment. You are very right, the macro from the beginning until the end is a lot of work and too careful in the details, so I always try 3 programs: The main one is ZereneStacker the second one is Helicon Focus and finally Photoshop.
Each has different strengths and produces different results. Depending on the tone one of them generates a better result.

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Then we have something in common! I use the same ones. Keep up the good work and thanks for the reply.

Dan&Arina Photography's picture

Amazing shot. How did you freeze the insect for 30 shots?

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The first thing is to give it a pleasant atmosphere without having much contact with the insect. Try to make the shots in the early morning, 4:30 - 5:30 AM. They are very relaxed and especially do not make strong movements. But none of the above works if you don't have an idea of the image you want to do accompanied by a lot of patience.

Petr Harmy Harmáček's picture

Wow, this is just amazing to me. I recently started experimenting with macro photography and how something like this can be achieved baffles me :)
I love how you left a little bit of shallow DOF on the very back parts.

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Thank you very much Petr Harmy Harmáček for your comments, this world of macro photography is always being learned, every picture you take teaches you many things. I am in the process of learning, if you look at my macro photos, they are all in white background and not naturally set, this is because I am in the process of knowing well the processes of making a good image and controlling my equipment in an efficient way . This is a long time, trial and error, just look at the difference in my photo of Tarantulas (it is one of the first I took) and Thorns (of the last). Between these two photographs there is a difference of 11 months of tests and experiments. I think that with this I managed to know how many shots I have to do for a good stacking of images and play with them to know what I want to focus on and what not. At some point I will be encouraged to go out into nature and start another process of learning to understand how what is learned in real life works.