Godox AD200 Pro Versus Geekoto GT-200, the Two Best Value Strobes

The Godox AD200 Pro is considered by many to be the best value in photography strobes but Geekoto recently created their own competitor, the GT-200. Is this new strobe a better option? Let's find out. 


The Geekoto GT-200 is slightly smaller than the AD200 because it doesn't have a removable flash head. If you don't need the extra flashheads, you'll appreciate the extra room in your bag.


The Godox AD200 Pro comes with two flash heads; one speedlight style head and one barebulb style head while the GT-200 comes with a fix speedlight style flash head. The Geekoto comes with a removable handle that makes holding it easier.

Geekoto does sell a larger package that includes a softbox, light stand, grid, gels, and dome for $120 extra. These accessories are quite good and I believe they are worth the extra money. 

Wireless remotes

The Geekoto GT-200 works seamlessly with Godox's system. If you happen to already own Godox lights or a Godox trigger, they will all work together with the cheaper Geekoto lights. 

Battery life

Although we didn't do a full battery test it appears that both strobes have a similar-sized battery and an identical output. We expect the battery life the be identical. 

Refresh rate

The Godox AD-200 refreshes slightly faster than the GT-200 when firing at full power. At any other power setting, the flashes are recycled instantly. 

Flash Power

Both strobes have an identical output at full power. The Godox AD-200 Pro does have one additional stop of light on the bottom end so it does get 1 stop less bright. 

Modeling lights

Both of these lights have LED modeling lights built-in and the Godox AD200 Pro is slightly brighter, but both of them are so dim that they aren't very useful. 


The Godox AD200 Pro is currently being sold for $350. Although I've been told that you can buy the Geekoto GT-200 alone for just $280, I can only find it being sold in the package deal that I reviewed in the video above for $399. 


The Godox AD200 Pro is the superior product; It comes with two different flash heads, has a faster refresh rate, and an extra stop of light on the low end for just $350. But, the Geekoto GT-200 package that I tested was an amazing value. For just $50 more, you can get the light stand, grid, gels, dome, and the fantastic softbox. 

If the bare flash tube is important to you, the clear choice is the Godox, but, if you're like me, you're probably more interested in the accessories that come with the Geekoto kit. 

Luckily both strobes can work with the standard Godox remote and you'll probably want to buy more than one light anyway. You could easily buy one or more of each and get the best of both systems. 

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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+1 to the Godox AD200. I've had one for 3 years now and I really like it.

This form factor might become a category. I think Yongnuo is coming out with a similarly sized and specced unit too. The advantage for Godox is that they have the whole line that all plays nice together from tiny little on camera to 600ws. Smart of them to make it work with godox's radios.

I vote for the GEEKOTO just for it's name...

What about High Speed Sync? I am already a bit sorry for acquiring Einstein 640s because while they say there is some sort of HSS, I found it not to work. The AD200 has HSS (even though one probably will need more power when used in bright sunlight)

The great thing about Godox is that they don't cripple their lower product line. I have the Gen 1 600 speedlights, and they have HSS among other features. They had externally mounted radios, and when the Gen 2 units (with built-in radios) came out, they made Gen 2 replacement radios for the Gen 1 units so you could keep using them with their new and improved radio system. What other manufacturer has ever done anything like that? Most will usually tell you to go buy the new system if you want the new features, and toss your old gear into a landfill.

Steve, The high-speed flash on the Einstein's is not HSS, those units are notable because they had a very short flash duration, better for capturing the quickest of actions.

HSS actually uses longer flash durations to compensate for when the shutter will be open (and shut).

I've owned Einsteins and now have a bunch of Godox gear.

Easy to confuse the two, but they are a bit different - hope that helps!

Don't trust a company with very little inform, can't even spell correctly the city their supposedly parent company is located and have next to no inform vs Godox that almost wanted to invite your to their share holder meetings. People already complain how difficulty in getting after service form Godox, but I think with Geekoto it would be next to impossible.

"Luckily both strobes can work with the standard Godox remote and (...)".

Sadly, the Geekoto trigger does NOT work with Godox lights!!! Geekoto is a one way street. No barebulb, no round head, no trigger compatibility. For those restrictions, the Geekoto set is too pricey. Better catchin' a good tripod and a nice softbox besides the Godox AD200 or AD200 pro, and you're good to go.