5 Day Deal, Is This A Scam?

5 Day Deal is back again and even though Patrick and I made a video attempting to explain it, we are still getting a ton of questions and complaints from confused photographers. People keep asking us if this is a scam. Let me try to answer everyone's questions. 

I made a video that explains exactly what this 5 Day Deal is, how to go about buying the correct package, and how to download all of the content afterward. If you're interested in getting our tutorial The Art Behind The Headshot with the bundle, you should watch the video above, it's fairly complicated. 

What is 5 Day Deal?

Around 40 photographers and businesses have pooled 46 different photography-related products together to sell as a bundle for 5 days ending on October 7th 2019. These products retail for over $6000 but are being sold for $152 (97% off). 

Is 5 Day Deal a Scam? 

The website layout, strange generic lead video, and the promise of 97% savings do make 5 Day Deal appear to be a scam of some kind but I can assure you it is not. We've worked with 5 Day Deal for the last few years now. Surprisingly, 5 Day Deal gives 10% of their sales away to charity and to date, they have donated over 1.5 million to charities around the world. 

Some photographers are saying that the products in the bundle are bad and aren't worth even the discounted price. I have not vetted all of these products and I'm sure that at least some of the content in this bundle is bad. But, even if it was all good, you probably won't be interested in the majority of it. But, if you find a few items that you're interested in, it's certainly worth it. 

What is Fstoppers Submitting to This Bundle?

We decided to add our very first tutorial with Peter Hurley, The Art Behind The Headshot. We sold The Art Behind The Headshot for $300 for years and we currently sell it for $200 in our store. For the next 2 days, you could buy it for $152 from 5 Day Deal and also get $6000 in other tutorials and software as well. If you were looking to buy this tutorial anyway, obviously it's a no brainer, but even if you're not interested in it, or you've already purchased it, you should check out the 46 other products that come with this bundle. 

3 Different Bundles Explained

This current 5 Day Deal has 3 separate bundles and you will have to buy all three to get our tutorial, The Art Behind The Headshot. All three bundles together cost $152. 

As you can see, Peter Hurley's, The Art Behind The Headshot is ONLY in the final Pro Add-On Bundle. 

How to Download The Products

Once you pay, you'll have the option to pay extra for an SD card with all of the files to be mailed to your house, or you can download the files. On the next page, scroll down and you will find a list of every product. Simply click on each product one by one to download them. Keep in mind that all downloads expire on November 20th so if you think you might want something, go ahead and download it. 

In conclusion, no, 5 Day Deal is not a scam, but it is fairly confusing. If you're considering buying any part of this, I highly suggest you watch the video above. I answer a few more questions and I walk you through the entire buying process. 

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Deacon Blues's picture

"Complicated?" "Fairly difficult"?
Anyone who can handle a camera (and that includes P mode) should immediately understand how the bundle works.

Paul Lindqvist's picture

So just because one is technical one could not have an opinion on a terrible design/layout and UE?

Lee Grant's picture

Actually, I purchased main bundle with pro add-on which includes your tutorial. No need to purchase all three bundles if not wanted.

Marcus Joyce's picture

If you have to go to this level to tell people it's not a scam perhaps you need to stand back and fix it fundamentally?

Jozef Povazan's picture

Interesting Marcus, you kind of match my comment I wrote yesterday about this but I think this article had to be taken down and uploaded again since yesterday it had 10+comments most of them fairly negative and now all the links from my account lead to non existing page at FS :) but as you can see in my screenshot from my account, the comments were there :)... I know FS has to live from something and selling tutorials is probably fairly big importance to them but do it unbiased way does not hurt :) Just my 50 cents and Happy shooting guys...

Johnny Rico's picture

I'm pretty sure they purged 2/3rds of the comments a few hours ago

Marcus Joyce's picture

I'm 100% on board with making money. I do love reading fstoppers. But something in me maybe the Christmas grouch or something doesn't like seeing 96% off.. it feels blugh. But their will be another incredible black Friday sale soon too probably not as good as this one.

Thomas H's picture

I agree: If its "97% off" it never had the nominal value in the first place. I just saved 100% , even better, by staying away from it. This "NN% off" is irresistible to my wife. You want to sell her an item for $50? Write "$500, $450 off", she will tremble, she will tremble some more and get it and pile it up in the closet atop of similar wise purchases.

ROBERT MOSKO's picture

It does look fraudulent, but looks can be deceiving. Maybe redesign the website.

Gion-Andri Derungs's picture

I agree, the website does not look trustworthy.

Chris Sampson's picture

Done. A well spent batch of knowledge. I hope I can show the results via my work.

Mark Teasdale's picture


Erpillar Bendy's picture

I am saving 100%.

Deleted Account's picture

Careful, that’s sounding pretty negative and anything negative is getting deleted from the comments. Rather odd that opinions are getting filtered. Not seen that before on FS.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Go now, go! Walk out the door! Just turn around now, cause you’re not welcome any more :)

Fritz Asuro's picture

What happened to my comment? Why did it get deleted?

I just said "No, because you get what you pay for" and continued with "the better question is, is it worth it?".

Why censor my 2 cents on this article?

Dana Goldstein's picture

Looks like my comment got deleted as well, and I even greatly praised a different tutorial of yours (Monte Isom’s) in that comment. Touchy, touchy.

dave thawley's picture

I am new to photography (other than click and snap) so I risked buying the whole bundle. There are some classes that I'd never use and a couple saying the same thing in different ways but for 150 bucks its the best value structured training I've seen. Well worth the money. I just need to reorganize my life so I can actually benefit from them now lol. They are from beginner up so I can understand all what is taught.