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Create The James Bond Gun Barrel Photo In Photoshop And Other Great Tutorials

I first met Glyn Dewis while we were both teaching at a Photoshop World conference in Las Vegas. He’s a pretty nice guy and talented photographer/retoucher if you can get past the whole being British thing (kidding kidding). I figured this post would be very fitting since the new James Bond film is opening here in the United States this week. Learn how one can make the iconic James Bond gun barrel shot!


Here Come The Halloween Zombies – Photoshoot With Lighting Diagram

I love zombies and wanted to commemorate them in a holiday e-card I created to send to my client mailing list. I did this a couple of years back, but never really promoted on other sites until now. I called on some friends for props, extras, zombie makeup, and styling. My total expense was probably around $150-200 to pay for zombie clothing and rent a big industrial fog machine. I used 4 lights, including one behind the fog machine to create that great glow.


Phase One Releases Capture One Pro 7 With Over 100 New Features

Capture One is a fantastic program that recently released a new update. Capture One Pro 7 has many new improvements that are welcomed and expected. They have touted over 100 new features that makes this quite a worthy update.  [more]

Luchador Fighter Photo Series Using Only A Custom iPad3 And Snapseed

Earlier this year, I put together a fun campaign and photo series with my friends over at Nik Software. Nik wanted to find a way to showcase the abilities of my favorite iphone/ipad photo editing software (you can now use the app on your mac or pc as well), Snapseed. I pitched the idea of photographing different adventures using nothing but a mobile device and their Snapseed app. [more]

Photographing Supercars In Miami With Phase One Medium Format And Intel

There’s this “man rule” that every red-blooded male should drive at least one 12-cylinder vehicle before they die. This is one of those jobs where I got to assert that rule with a golden fist. A gold-plated Lamborghini Aventador and a 1965 Shelby Cobra replica with a BMW Alpina suspension and late model Mustang 5.0 engine… both incredible vehicles created by the team over at Prestige Imports and both sets of keys left in my care alone. One of those jobs where you pinch yourself and ask, “how did I get here again?”


The Challenge of Producing My First Acura TV Ad Using A Process Trailer

The past summer we were hired by the ad agency Tier 10 Marketing (same one as my Honda Accord campaign), under the creative direction of Scott Rodgers, to produce and film a new tv ad for Acura via the New York Acura Dealers Association. I’ve been an advertising photographer for years, but I co-founded a video production company, 8112 Studios, a few years back along with my friend Nicholas Cambata. We have been very busy with a variety of crazy challenging and fun projects this past year and this ad job was no exception. [more]

How To Shoot A Car Ad In NYC With No Permits And No Notice

Recently, I was approached by my Creative Director, Scott Rodgers, over at the ad agency Tier 10 Marketing to shoot some ads with the newly redesigned 2013 Honda Accord. The problem? The shoot had to take place in less than 48 hours, we were shooting with 2 of the first cars in the United States, and there was literally NO time to permit for a shoot that had to take place in New York City. Why the rush? US Honda dealers needed these images right away for some new ad campaigns as the first new Accords hit our shores.


[BTS Video] Halloween Comes Late: The Ghostbusters Photoshoot

I just realized that our Fstoppers Twitter account has tons of unread direct messages (we prefer you email us). One of them was from Douglas Sonders who had a crazy experience with one of the original Ghostbusters Ecto 1 Cadillacs. These caddies have so many lights on them that I can’t make any sense of what is going on but it looks pretty cool. Douglas does a good job explaining how he plans on using a few long exposure shots to burn in the ambient light while using spot grids to pop in just the right amount of flash for specific areas of the photo. Does anyone know if the Roscoe Fog Machine in this video is made by the same company that makes Roscoe Speedlight Gels? Either way, nice touch on bringing the smoke machine to the shoot. Check out more details about this shoot over at Douglas Sonders’s Blog.

FS Weekly News #4: The Week’s Best Photo/Video Related Stories

This week FS Weekly News announces the winner of a Urban Disguise® 70 Pro
and a Big Photo Blog Theme from Big Photo Blog.com. So dive in and check out the week’s news, leave lots of comments and send me tons of presents. That last part is optional.
Just a heads up, as of Issue#5 and on, FS Weekly News will be released on Thursdays instead of Tuesdays. Don’t forget to sign up and if you missed last week’s issue you can find it here: Issue #3.

Robots Have Taken Over The Desert

droidz in the desertDouglas Sonders has been one of the most featured photographers on Fstoppers because he not only has great photoshoots but he also makes great BTS videos. Recently he headed out to Nelson, Nevada (a requirement of any photographer traveling to Vegas) to shoot a few promotional posters for The Showbots’ Droidz. In the video, Douglas uses a few White Lighting Strobes with 7″ reflectors and does some desaturated edits with Nik Software’s Color Efex Pro. Click on the thumbnail image to view the final images.

How To Take Pilot Portraits With F18 Fighter Jets

Over the last year, Douglas Sonders has created some excellent behind the scenes videos showing off many of his photo shoots. In this video he takes us onto the tarmac at the Lemoore Naval Air Station in California where Douglas creates some excellent portraits. I wish there was a little more explanation of how he approached some of these images but fortunately there is some written material over on the Douglas Sonders Blog. My initial question is how in the world did he get clearance for this considering the US military is often pretty strict with photography.

F18 Fighter Jet Pilot Portrait Photoshoot – Douglas Sonders Photography from Douglas Sonders on Vimeo.

The Wednesday Rundown 3.31.10

Hello this is Jerrit Pruyn from Fstoppers with…. you guessed it, another Wednesday Rundown. While Patrick and Lee are out in Colorado filming another Fstoppers Original, I figured I’d feature some of the best videos sent in by our readers. This week we have a little salsa dancing going on and even some muscle cars burning out. Big thanks to the people at Wonderful Machine and the videos they rounded up online. Keep sending in your video links to contactfstoppers@gmail.com and maybe next week you will find yourself on Fstoppers! Drop me some comments if you like what you see and remember to tell your friends to start filming all their photoshoots so I can post them.

The Wednesday Rundown 3.24.10

Howdy this is Jerrit again with another Wednesday Rundown. With such a great weekend spent in central park I cannot wait to get through this week. This week we have a photo shoot that proves you do not need to be a good skateboarder to get some wicked boarding shots. We also have a shoot with football great Colt McCoy. Keep sending in behind the scene shoots that you find . contactfstoppers@gmail.com

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