Series Entitled Egarement Takes Levitation To The Next Level

Series Entitled Egarement Takes Levitation To The Next Level

Using just basic props and a lot of attention to detail, French photographer, Cerise Doucede has manage to create images that captivate, and inspire. In the series entitled “Egarements” (French for distraction), Cerise has spent approximately 3 days of prep time for each photo, creating images of levitation that boggle the mind.


Be sure to check out some more of Cerise's work on her website.

[via [Framed] Show]

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Great idea and even greater realisation! Good job :)

Am I the only one that thinks the strings completely take away from the effect?

Yeah, he use string

I'm not even a photographer and I couldn't agree more. Clone stamp that shit out! What's the point if you can see the strings? Its not "levitation" if there are strings.

Go o her site if you want to see that he did indeed "clone stamp that sh!t out". =/

If you look at the photos on the website, they all have the strings.

Your missing the whole point of these photographs. If you photoshop out the wires you may have as well have photoshopped the objects in. The point is the photo is real and hasn't been manipulated.

that's the point. To show you how he did it, rather than the finished image.

You are not the only one to not be able to comprend the point of the article or go to the website to further see the finished product.

Its not a matter of comprehension. My point is that this doesn't look that captivating, the effect isn't really there cause the strings draw so much attention. And I'm lost that people are saying this isn't the final image...when these are the images on the website...with the strings still.

completely. so much better when you can't see them


Seriously how hard would have it been for him to clone stamp out the wires? Takes away from the effect imo

Seriously how hard would it be to go to her site and see that he did? This was to show the process. The link was a part of the article.

What are you talking about? The images on the site have the wires, just like the images here.

I agree that the strings are a slight distraction, but I think the whole point was to use practical effects and props versus photoshopping the scene into existence.

Awesome! The strings show that Cerise Doucede actually placed every item in the image. Leaving the strings in makes the pictures great because we can appreciate the effort spent in hanging everything. If the strings were cloned out then most people might think that all of the objects were just 'Photoshopped' in.

I think a lot of people are not understanding that this is to show how the effect was created, these photos are not the final product.

People complain when not enough is shown on how each photo is made. Now it is shown and they complain about a string and cloning. WTF

The final images have the wires in them. These are not some behind the scenes, this is it.

Some are missing the point here, which is to make the image without photoshopping. What's the difference between cloning OUT strings and cloning IN objects?

I think the point is people don't care how it's done, only the results. Personally I think they are much better images because they were done in camera but I also think the wires should have been taken out.

Reminds me of Salvador Dali's picture. Cool!

Quelle pile de connerie foutue ! qui sommes-nous badinant ? Quand c'est que tellement la confusion est dérivée et des explications simples ne peut pas être discerné, il est temps de l'appeler un jour