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Zach Sutton
Albuquerque, NM
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Professional Photographer based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico. I do portrait photography with a commercial flair.

Also, I try to be funny sometimes...

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Hey Zach, It was great meeting you this week at ImagingUSA. If you're ever back in music city be sure to hit me up!

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Really great meeting you as well, Jeff. You gotta come out to WPPI this year.

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I would love to do that! What are the dates for that?

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A couple weeks from now. I think it's March 1st-4th

Hello, Zack, your article about Canon's "failures" was spot on. The latest announcement that the long awaited UWA competitor to Nikon's 14-24mm 2.8 would be coming out as an f/4 lens at first aggravated me, but the more I think about it, the more despairing I feel about Canon's commitment to professionals.

There are, I believe several strong reasons Canon is stepping back from fast lenses, reasons that would not have mattered as much before the omnipresence of smartphones with decent cameras.

First, the baby-boomer retirees who are big into photography join workshops and camera clubs where fast lenses are simply not seen as especially important. Why? Because very, very few of those type of hobbyists take pictures of people. They love landscapes and found still lifes and birds. And, though they have money, the economy scares them, they don't get anything from CD's anymore, so they save where they can. Why buy a 24-70mm 2.8 when the 24-105mm 4 costs half? Why by anything in 2.8 when something "just a stop" slower costs less. And, finally for the babyboomers, weight is a legitimate issue, but they will obsess over saving a few ounces.

Then there is the learning curve for fast lenses. Not only is focus tricky below f/2, but effectively choosing how shallow to go takes a lot of trial and experience. I can tell from the great work on your website, you know that just having shallow DoF doesn't make magic; in fact, blurred out jaw-lines and other features, including hands, forearms, etc., can just look awful if overdone or with the wrong perspective. So people who do spend are often disappointed.

As for the user experience, for one example, the ergonomics of the 85mm 1.2 are challenging for many, as is the weird and pokey AF system. Once one is competent with this lens, it is magical, but otherwise, a real puzzle for enthusiasts who think it's all about the gear.

Canon is scared and uncertain. They go for the fat middle of the remaining DSLR market. News agencies aren't spending for photojournalism much anymore, and the small local newspapers across the USA are nearing extinction. Small time portrait and wedding photographers with business sense have a very hard time justifying spending on fast L primes.

You wrote a great piece, and I just wanted to say thank you, and I hope you can use your web presence, your cred from the quality of your work, and your talents as a writer to encourage more photographers to demand Canon not forget us.


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Awesome cover picture dude..

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LOVE this cover photo!!

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Thanks man!

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Beautiful work!

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Thanks Caleb!

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If you are ever in Arizona and need an assistant, let me know!:)

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Hey!! I love the bokeh on your main image. How can I do this with my kit lens?

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All my images were shot with a 18-55mm kit lens at f/8

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I thought you faked all your bokeh in post?

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You are so funny

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Hello There!

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Hey Shankar!

Great to see you on Fstoppers.