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Julia Kuzmenko McKim
Los Angeles, CA
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Hi everyone! I'm an internationally published Beauty & Fashion photographer, digital artist, retoucher and educator. I studied photography in Australia at the International College of Professional Photography (Melbourne) and I am currently represented by Aston Models Agency, Beverly Hills, CA. Check out my retouching and photography digital and video books on my website: www.retouchingebooks.com and my artist portfolio at www.juliakuzmenko.com. I am also the founder of Retouching Academy www.retouchingacademy.com.

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hi, i just discovered you and just wanted to say how awesome you are. You are awesome, your works are awesome....you should be Julia Awesome Kuzmenko McKim ! Love from Ghana.!!!!

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your work is awesome !!

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I have a lot of respect for your work, this sort of quality is where I would like to be one day - thanks for all the hard work it must have taken to get to this stage, without photographers like yourself, I wouldn't know how to improve. I live in Melbourne so I might check out the college you studied at.

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Thank you Joshua! Unfortunately, my AIPP got shut down at the end of my second year, so my class was the last to come out of that wonderful college, that lived for 15 years. I am sure you can find other great schools, though. RMIT must be great too!

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Love your work <3

Julia Kuzmenko McKim's picture

Thank you Nina! <3

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Hello julia are an Italian photographer, I would like to learn your way to touch up, and pay .Vorrei know if you've posted a few videos on retouching D & B, I would be happy I do not care what it costs.

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Try http://retouchingebooks.com/shop/mad-artist-ebook/ And you can ind her great lecture (not really a detailed tutorial) in Photoshop-Week 2015.

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Thank you Sandaru! <3

Wow. Amazing.

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your images are incredible Julia! your retouching is like OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!! Amazing!

Julia, im a true fan..Ive been trying to perfect my techniques, but im falling waaaaay short..If I send you an image, can you mark it up with critiques, so I can see what you would change to perfect the image..PS YOUR WORK IS SOOOOO AMAZING!!!!!!

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Aww, thank you so much Anthony!!!

Julia Kuzmenko McKim's picture

Anthony, you should join Retouching Academy group on Facebook - we're planning a porfolio review online, and we might making it a regular thing for our members :)

Julie your work is fabulous and your retouching books are phenomenal! Thank you so much.

Julia Kuzmenko McKim's picture

Thank you Donnamaria!!! <3

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your work is rad. keep killing it.

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Thanks so much Grayson!