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Patrick Hall
Charleston, SC
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I'm a full time professional photographer based out of Charleston, SC. Most of my time is filled shooting weddings, video work, commercial and of course Fstoppers videos. When a camera isn't in my hand and I've managed to make it out of the office I'm usually playing on the boat, cycling, playing loud amps and classic guitars, attending church, traveling, and planning the next creative adventure.

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Hello Im RoseJoy Dineros From Philippines :)I am 15 years old now . I discover that you are giving away a Camera . My Dream is to become a Youtuber coz I really want to make money on my Own But I dont have a Camera . We are not rich yeah thats life . My Parents cant even afford to buy me a Cellphone how much more if I say that I like to Buy a Camera ? I want to travel thats why I want to make money . Im a Kpop Fan so I really want to go to Korea . Hope you can help me with my Dream to become a Youtuber . If you have a Camera that you are not using you can give it to me . I promise you when I am able to make money I will Pay you :( Even the used Camera or the Old Camera . I dont Care what Kind of Camera . I just want to be a Youtuber :( That is my Dream . Even the Most Cheaper Camera I will receive it . It is hard to make money here in Philippines when you are a teenager . Haaayz I hope you will Read this Message . Even if it is So Impossible that you will Respond :(

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Hey Patrick,

Just an amateur photographer right up the coast from you in Southport, NC. Looking for some critique of my photos if you have time.

If you are ever in the area, let me know. Love to get some pointers. I'm sure I'm missing a lot.


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Hi Patrick,
My name is Istvan Jancso, I'm a Hungarian photographer based in Glasgow, UK. I was amazed by your stun gun photoshoot so I decided to do something similar for my graded unit and use that as my main inspiration (I just finished the HND Photogtaphy). Because I do not have the very fast studio lights I had to find the way to photograph interesting facial expressions. My idea was to convince people to eat different bugs and I photographer their reactions. Obviously the images are not as good as yours, but I'm pretty happy with the final photos.
Here is the link to my website:!tasty-bugs-project/ctrf
and the BTS video:

Hope you find it interesting,
Best regards,
Istvan Jancso

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Hi Patrick I think I may have posted images for the contest in the wrong section of each group. Instead of posting them to the the tread I posted in the the group. I posted in Glamour, Fashion, Portrait, and Landscape. I did I posted all the images to the group and not the thread. Does this disqualify me? If so... bummer.

Christopher J. Rodriguez

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Hi Patrick,
I have recently tested an app called "PlanIt! for Photographers" that is like the "Photographer's Ephemeris" app with some amazing and much more advanced previsualisation functionnalities.
Here is a video that presents this app

Description (by the author):
"This is a special call to landscape photographers, travel photographers, nature photographers or those who are especially interested in night photography, skyline, time-lapse, star-trail and milky way or astrophotograph.
PlanIt! is all-in-one solution that is designed to leverage the map and simulated viewfinder technologies (VR, AR etc.) to provide the necessary tools for photographers to pre-visualize the scene in combination with the Sun, Moon, Stars and Milky Way. Some questions that you might ask yourself before going out for a photographing trip are:
* Where is the Sun or the Moon at the time and the location and to see the animation of the Sun/Moon/Stars/Milky Way movements as in real?
* When and which azimuth is the Sunset or Sunrise today or on any date at any location around the world?
* Do I get a clear view of subject from a certain location where is no mountain blocking the view?
* What lens should I bring in order to capture the whole width or the height of the scene?
* If the scene is too wide, how many shots do I need to take to create a panorama and how many angle should each shot cover and how many angle should I rotate the camera between each shot?
* How do I compose the scene considering the subject’s elevation and the sun or moon location?
* Is tonight a good time for star trail photography? How long can I exposure without being affected the rising moon?
* What are the dates and times to have Milky Way at certain position on the sky?"

You may be interested in sharing it on Fstoppers.

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Hello, I was looking for a good beginners instruction in photography and it lead me to fstoppers where i found the resource from Karl Taylor. Would recommend other resources he has in his beginner package?

Flash Disc question. Mine just arrived. No instructions included. Are there instructions on how to set your flash.... wide panel? etc thx

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Hey Milo. There really isn't much to do to get the FlashDisc up and running. Simply open it up and set your flash inside the elastic. You can set your zoom setting fairly wide if you want, the idea is just to fill the whole flashdisc with light.

Hello Patrick,

I'm an art buyer from Paris and we would to contact you for a project. Do you have a professional email or a number where we can contact you?

Margot Purgues
Assistant art buyer

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Hello Patrick.. Thanks for your faster response but sorry to say that its disappointing. Let me introduce myself, I am an Indian migrated to Netherlands and started photography business in Netherlands last month. Its very hard to survive/compete here with other local photographers only because of the low proficiency in Dutch language. My policy is only the better photos gives me more work/assignments.. So that the better and economical way is online learning for more knowledge. I bought the "Event Photography" from Phil Steele ( and from him i came to know about your course. He recommends it for wedding photographers. Please provide the same discount which you give on last black friday, it will be a big financial favour for me in my initial stage of business.



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Hey Prasobh, we are working on a Black Friday discount as we speak. Unfortunately there isn't a code for the tutorial but we should have something out before the end of Nov. Where in Holland are you? We were just in Amsterdam twice last month....awesome city and country!

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Hello Patrick.. Thanks for your reply.. I feel happy..

again... I missed two things.
1. I didn't knew that you were in Amsterdam, otherwise I could try to meet you.. bad luck
2. I am living in Groningen, 2 hours drive from Amsterdam, but I often comes to there to meet my friends and for some work. I stopped living in Rental apartment and bought a house last month, we moved to the bought house and lived till today without an Internet connection because of the renovation of the house. We just checks mail on mobile and I didn't get any notification about the black friday deal.Today the internet is get connected with my computer and checked fstoppers and seen the deal, I put the code BF2014 and got disappointed. Its not working, I cant think a waiting of another 1 year. can you help me in this.

please forgive if you found any linguistic error



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Hey Patrick, l'm a newbie at Fstoppers, l can't get over how amazing all the posted images are! What an awesome site for photographers!!! Love your taser series, saw the video on facebook! You ROCK !!!

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Hey Vicky, thanks for the compliment! I see you are leaving quite the impression on the community as well. I dig your work a lot

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Thanks Man, you made my day! LOVE Fstoppers, all you guys are awesome!!!, and love your images! :)