Billionaire Music Video Spoof... "I wanna be a cameraman so freakin' bad."

Photographers Irwin Wong and Michel Jones put together this catchy spoof of Bruno Mars' "Billionaire" music video. I defy you to not find yourself bopping along to this one or catch yourself listening more than once.

Irwin Wong: "Do you want to be a cameraman? Do you wish you could quit your day job and become a full time photographer? This music video is for you guys, with much love and respect.

We all love this thing called photography – hope you find this video as fun to watch as we had making it. Co-starring the awesomely talented Mijonju Jones..."

via [PetaPixel]
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Trevor Dayley's picture

That was fantastic!

Elroy Aguiar's picture

thoroughly enjoyable

Oh yeah!

Christopher Hoffmann's picture

I kept expecting Kai and Lok (from DRTV) to show up...

That was fun!

I totally relate to this! awesome!

haha, awesome!

The MIJONJU SHOW's guy is fantastic!!!
(Check him out on youtube ... just don't judge the book by the cover. HE'S CRAZY!)