[BTSV] Contest: Freestyle Motocross/High Flying Photography

Black List Media follows photographer Jimmy Hickey as he follows professional freestyle motocross rider Justin Homan through the air.

Music by: M83 - Moonchild and Ratatat - Bustelo

"When Jimmy Hickey approached us with his idea for this behind the scenes video and asked if we would document it, we said yes without hesitation. We drove out to Redmond, OR with Jimmy and his intern, Zach to meet up with professional freestyle motocross rider Justin Homan (Metal Mulisha, MX13). Jimmy has been doing this style shot where he physically spins and pans his camera with a subject that is spinning, creating an effect that is rarely seen in a photograph. Taking this method, Jimmy applied it to freestyle motocross and captured an intense photo of Justin Homan while he is doing a back flip through the air. Check out the video and learn how Jimmy accomplished this crazy task from beginning to end. Enjoy!”

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Cool...like seeing motocross(or freestyle) getting BIG exposure. No pun intended.