[Funny] Canon 7D Versus Barbie Video Girl

Hola FS'ers! I would rather not lend this video any kind of explanation and just have you watch it, but I have to write some kind of intro, so here goes. When I first watched this I really wasn't sure what they were getting at, until the comparisons started coming. Then it became obvious. This is a funny video. I laughed a bit, and then my wife watched it and snorted (sorry honey, they have to know that you snorted). Enjoy!

Video by Brandon Bloch

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That was awesome!

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I can picture your wife snorting. 

8bitDigitalTV's picture

Can you tether her to a PC?

His wife or the Barbie?

It was worth watching just to see Barbie feature her Internal Memory.

camera in chest - nice

The 7D is just a camera, Barbie is a camera AND a doll. 2
for the price of 1 so for me its Barbie every time!

Some of the barbie footage looked Hipstamatic...I want to shoot with a ficher price camera now.....http://www.dragoncello.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2009/01/fisher-price-...

Hot shoes. 

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i didnt even know why i watch this till end.  lol