But I Thought Newscasters Were Super Human!

If you have ever been in front of the camera you know how difficult it can be to remember your thoughts and speak them as naturally as you do in normal conversation. But what you may not know is most news personalities you see on television are actually cheating! Check out this behind the scenes video on how newscasters use autocues to present the news both clearly and accurately. I may have to invest in one of these for my own camera appearances!

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there is a diy teleprompter or "autocue" at Diyphotography.net
that uses a dslr and an Iphone. here is address http://www.diyphotography.net/diy-iphone-teleprompter

My whole life has been a LIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!! hahaha

She's hot - but why is she wearing a chroma-key green top?

totally off topic, but Australian accent FTW

What accent bret? Haha

Queensland boo yeah! My local newsroom :)

Am I missing something about this video? Maybe I'm just so used to things, but I've known about teleprompters (autocues) for at least 10 years. We used to have them in my high school video production studio back in 1999.

Friend of mine who does corporate "talking head shots" uses a teleprompter. Works well with people who are good public speakers, many are one take. Also very helpful for people who don't usually speak in public (turns 10 take into a couple.

Have you heard about "ear prompters?" http://www.ovation.tv/ They feed you lines with an earbud. Eric Estrada (who doesn't speak Spanish) used an ear prompter when he was on a Telenovela.

@ John Kantor, Christine Lund (a news reader at the ABC O&O in Los Angeles, during the 1970s) was wearing a chromakey blue knit dress one evening, when they came back from the commercial break, she was wearing red 8-D

I'm with Micheal, From our local news room to New york and back again..nice job finding this on the net

@ Spencer. Like you I've used them for many years, but its an educational video and not every man, woman or dog would know what a autocue is. :)