Man Records a First Person POV of Plane Crash

Man Records a First Person POV of Plane Crash

With video now available to most people through their phones and devices, not only can people easily capture the happy memories on the spot, they can also video the horrifying ones. For a birthday gift for his wife, Jonathan Fielding and his family took a flight over snow covered Utah. When the pilot announced that the carburetor had iced over, Jonathan pulled out his phone and filmed the impending crash.

Thankfully, everyone walked away from the crash without any major injuries.



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That's pretty incredible.

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Whoa. Is there more information about this anywhere? That was crazy.

although its pretty damn cool to watch and Im glad everyone is ok.. this is not an Fstoppers story... Tighten it up guys.. just cuz a camera was used doesnt mean its part of fstoppers. Seriously  


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does it matter? i find it interesting and im a photographer


Yup.  He was in the right place at the right time to capture something that not many people get to survive.  Luckily my dad survived a plan crash WAYY worse than this.   I will definitely NOT be showing this video to my dad.

Seriously, who are you to dictate what they publish on their site? Arrogant.

Photography and VIdeography isn't always about having a beautiful image or fancy lighting set up

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 this is not the kind of POV i like watching :)

nuff said..

Glad everyone's ok, but now that its over, the guy recording this should be slapped...more interested in his cell phone than checking on the well-being of his family...really!?

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This. Had I been flying that day I would have slapped him, too - once while still airborne, for endlessly dribbling commentary while I picked somewhere to land; and again after we landed when I realised a flying camera/mobile phone/video camera missed my head by a couple of inches after I told my passengers to secure any loose objects

Bloody oath mate ! You can clearly hear a baby on board. This guy's the lowest breed of cockroach.

Short of taking control of the plane and landing it himself, what do you think he could have done differently to help? Most people would be freaking out, yet he stayed pretty calm. That alone was probably more helpful than anything else.

Well, being a pilot for 37 years I can tell you this guy should never be allowed to fly a plane again. Carburetor Heat is available to warm the carb and help the ice melt, this is one of the most basic pilot skills and I cannot believe with the altitude this guy had when he got the warning, that he could not lean the engine and apply carburetor heat and keep flying. This is unbelievable to me that he would risk the lives of that many people including an infant child.

I hope when the NTSB sees this video they take his license away for not paying attention in Ground School and Flight Training. I mean this is as basic as turning on the key in a plane.

You HAVE to know this to get a pilot's license and you have to be able to apply what you learned in an actual emergency or you should not be flying.

I saw him look at his Checklist placard, which should have told him step by step action to take, but more importantly, he should have that scenario drilled into his head, especially if you are flying in conditions that accommodate carburetor icing.

As a pilot myself, I did not enjoy the video, but it is vitally important that people see these types of things so they can understand not every guy with a camera is a photographer and not every guy flying an airplane is a PILOT.