The Wednesday Rundown 4th of July

The Wednesday Rundown 4th of July

Howdy everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. I hope today finds you stuffing your face with some type of grilled meat and taking a break from your daily grind. Today we have two great studio shoots. We also have a video off the beaten track, a BTS on the Macy's firework show. Check out this short documentary and see what it takes to make the visual lighting show. If you have a great and informative video you want to see in the Wednesday Rundown please shoot me an email .

BTS Firework Display:
I hope this BTS video inspires some great shoots tonight. Just don't burn your models. Check out how the Macy's firework show happens and get inspired. It is all about the lighting!

Ring Light Photo Shoot:
Photographer Joey Wright shows off his alien bee ring light. With the help of some side lights Joey shows us some great shots with this ring light. This is the one of the cheapest strobe ring lights on the market right now. It is a little awkward to use but the results are pretty good.

Studio Fashion Shoot:
A beautiful b&w BTS video featuring Ashley Sky for a fashion shoot. With a fan and a white background the photographer captures some elegant photos of Ashley.

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one cheap BTS to fireworks that doen't really gives any real info, and to smokin' hot girls to cool music without real photo insights...

Looks like the staff is all at the bbq for the 4th! ;)

sandervanderveen's picture

Yeah, videos with little information.. a well, happy 4th of july u.s.a 
Maybe more luck next week!

Nicholas's picture

Can't really complain about what videos were rundown (well, ok, we can but that's only because it's the easiest thing to do on the web.) But you know, as they say: If you like none, then make one.