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Instagram's New App is "Hyperlapse" and It Makes Smartphone Videos Way Better

Hyperlapse is growing in popularity, despite the difficulty of creating a seamless finished product... until now. Instagram is releasing a new app later today that, if it works as well as it appears in the promotional videos, will make hyperlapsing not only easy, but puts the power to make compelling hyperlapse videos in the palms of anyone's hands. Their new app is appropriately named "Hyperlapse" and it looks spectacular.

Coversplash: A New Portfolio Option

Coversplash, a new photo sharing and photography forum site, is the creation of four college guys who wanted to create a one stop shop for all your photo needs. Coversplash gives you the ability to create a website to show off your work, easily tell stories with integrated tools, sell stock images and even interact with other photographers in the community.

Alexa Meade's Living Paintings

Alexa Meade, a LA based artist, has been turning human canvases into two-dimensional works of art. With acrylic paint and her intricate knowledge of light and dark Meade is able to play with shadow as she paints human bodies to make them appear as if a 2D portrait. In this TED Talk, Alexa shares her innovative approach to art and how she transitioned careers after college to pursue her artistic passions.

Top 10 Most Effective Movie Editing Moments of All Time

After watching a great film, it is rare that we give conscious credit to the editing (which is actually a silent compliment to the editors). However, how the film was cut creates most of the powerful feelings we get while watching and is a major contributor to our final thoughts on a film. CineFix has put together what they believe to be the top 10 most effective editing moments of all time, and it's certainly worth noting the editing mastery at work.

Bill Murray Hilariously Crashes a Charleston Engagement Session

Tons of people have random stories about Bill Murray, he is just an odd guy. There are stories of him appearing at bars, restaurants and private parties. Personally I have had the luxury of hanging out with Bill at the Charleston RiverDogs urinals. Continuing in amazing Bill Murray form, he crashed an engagement session this past week that Fia Forever was shooting. As always, he was a riot.

Debao SU800 Flash Commander Review

Nikon has not updated their master commander (SU800) for their CLS system for 9 years. Lucky for us, a Chinese company has made a knock off that is cheaper, has a ton more power and takes AA batteries. For Nikon users looking for a way to remotely control the power of your speed-lights or just have a decent backup, this might be the remote trigger for you. (They also make a Canon version that I did not review.)

Pregnant in Death Valley

Michael Kormos and his wife Sophie run a boutique portrait studio in NYC & San Diego, specializing in refresh & modern family photography. They recently photographed a maternity shoot in Death Valley and have graciously shared their experience. Read Michael's first hand account of executing this shoot in Death Valley.

Sanitation Worker's WWI Photo Collection

Bob Smethurst, from Sussex, England, has a collection of 5,000 WWI photos, all of which were collected from the trash while Bob was working for the sanitation department. Bob found the first photos in the 1970's and hated to see them thrown away, so he began to salvage these discarded memories for the next 30 years.