MagMod - Magnetic Speedlite Modifiers

MagMod - Magnetic Speedlite Modifiers

I rarely use gels or modifiers on my speedlites because I am lazy and in a hurry on wedding days. I just fix the color issues in post. However today I was notified that a new product was posted on Kickstarter. Meet the MagMod, a simple magnetic band that mounts to your flash allowing modifiers to be slapped on and off. Check it out, I just backed the project myself.

The project was born with Spencer (The Inventor) pondering an easier way to use gels for weddings (just what I need). He worked out some 3D models on the computer and the project was rolling. Soon after the idea to add the grid came about. There will be other 3 more attachments added once the project gets funded.

To help back the MagMod packages start at $55 (lowest price to receive the product). I really like the innovation here and creating a universal way to share modifiers with all your different speedlites.

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This looks awesome!

Spencer Boerup's picture

Thanks Chris, glad you like it!

looks sooooo goood, a softbox with grid would be unreal as well

Spencer Boerup's picture

I think we're on to something better :)

I just ordered a double set! Thanks for sharing. :)

Digital Macdaddy's picture

Perfect. My gels just sit in my bag as they always blow away or take too much time to put on! I'll look into it more later and more than likely will be backing this

Spencer Boerup's picture

Thats exactly why I wanted something better. We all have lots of gear, but because of the time or complexity of getting something setup quickly and securely, most of the gear sits in the bag. Gone are those days :)

RUSS T.'s picture

years ago I was told magnets were bad fore a computer's hard disk. So, without having researched it any since then, i ask: Are magnets bad for the CF and SDHC media cards?
Or are they ok to be in the same bag, and no worries etc about them erasing the media cards?

Thanks in advance..

There is a video at the bottom of the kickstarter page that talks about this exact question. In short, no, there is no affect to SD or CF cards. Spencer even tests it on the screen on the back of his camera with no issues.

RUSS T.'s picture

AWESOME! :) Thanks.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

Physical hard drives use a magnetic head to write to the disc. Flash media does not work that way.

Nope it's completely safe. The video on the Kickstarter explains:

Nope, these magnets somehow just remove money from your wallet.

CF and SD cards are perfectly safe to drop in a steaming cup of coffee. The only time these magnets could be an issue is if you pack them in close proximity to a spinning hard disc (like a back up drive)

Wow, what a great idea!

I bought a roll of gaffer tape 5 years ago for $6. I put a small piece on each side of my flashes. My estimate is I've probably used 10 cents worth of gaffer tape although blue masking tape or any other tape that doesn't leave a mark is good too. Any time I need a gel, I pull it out of the bag and tape it in place and just peel it off. I've used the same tape and gels for this whole time and nothing bad has happened to either. How hard is that?

Patrick Hall's picture

I will say though that it does look pretty ghetto. You can't easily tape those grids to the speed light. This product looks promising

I suppose if you use grids on your flash then that would be true, but truthfully, how many photographers reguarlily use grids on their speedlights? Most either use a mini softbox, bounce card, or just good old fashion bouncing directly. In situations where you would want a grid - ie. a studio setting, using speedlights itself is considered kind of ghetto as any respectable studio has monolights or powerpacks which have their own grids.

Patrick Hall's picture

I guess it just depends on what you are doing. I'm starting to play around with 2+ light setups on location and speedlights are perfect for that. Adding a grid is nice if you want to start accenting backgrounds or perhaps adding harsh light to a face while lighting a whole body with soft light from a softbox. This would be really helpful for studio product shots where you can get away with using small lights instead of large studio strobes. I guess to each their own but it's a pretty good idea and I can't wait to put some in my location rigs.

I don't regularly use grids because there's not an easy way to do it. This solves that.

Spencer Boerup's picture

certainly not hard, and certainly worth of testing out for yourself! I just got tired of doing the ghetto-fabulous route for 5 years...and constantly getting tired of it. Woke up one day and decided to do something about it :)

Well, I have older flashes which are already have a few battle scars, but don't new ones like the SB-900 , SB-700, and SB-910 already come with gels that not only clip on to the flash, but also notify the camera that a gel is being used so white balance is adjusted automatically? :)

Patrick Hall's picture

yeah but the problem with the SB910 is it's still really hard to connect a grid to those OEM gels. Also those gels are sort of L shaped and take up a lot of space and I'm waiting for the day I lose mine.

Spencer Boerup's picture

Patrick nailed's a great concept (like many others), but actually using them sucks.

Tyler Friesen's picture

Great concept! I just backed two of these! This will definitely speed things up when trying to set up quickly.

Jaron Schneider's picture

I really want this. So much better than velcro.

I backed this project earlier today! It's awesome.

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