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Jaron Schneider
San Francisco, CA
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Jaron Schneider is a cinematographer and photographer from San Francisco,California. He has produced content for swiss watchmaker Maurice Lacroix, Adobe, SmugMug and the United States Air Force Thunderbirds. His work has been featured on ABC Network News, Digital SLR Photography Magazine, Gizmodo, DP Review, Popular Photography, Resource Magazine, Huffington Post, Business Insider, The Daily Mail, Telegraph UK, Jalopnik, and many others. He is Fstoppers's features editor and marketing communications manager.

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Hey man ! you think you can post the video again of the article of nikon d600 where you record how the sensor can get dirty? please mate! thanks !.

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New Metabones speedbooster for m43 and BMPCC...no autofocus though.

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Since you use the EdelKrone Slider, I thought you might be interested in this new ultra portable and lightweight slider on Kickstarter, http://kck.st/1lRDm5F

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This is really interesting! I messaged the guys because i have some questions regarding the timelapse feature.

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I am going to need to slow down on posting articles 3 in one day what are some kind of ulta awesome robot sent from the future to help men fight the dinosaurs and illiteracy

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Nice Work

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Follow me bitch.

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Uh, I already was. You were the one late to the game.

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Why hello there stranger...

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Why hello there Miss Britt!