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Blair Bunting's Aaron Hernandez Photos Taken Mere Hours After Athlete Allegedly Shot a Man

Update: Aaron Hernandez has now been found guilty of 1st degree murder. If you're a sports fan, you probably know the huge scandal unfolding right now surrounding Aaron Hernandez, the former NFL star who was recently released from the New England Patriots. He is now under arrest for a murder that happened on June 14, but last February he allegedly shot a man in the face, a man who survived and is now suing him for it. Thing is, the EXIF data on images recently released by Fstoppers contributor Blair Bunting show the photo shoot took place only a few hours after that alleged shooting. Freaky.

Mylio: What It Is, Where it's Going & How Its Raw Processor Compares to Lightroom and Capture One

At the Photo Plus Expo a couple months ago in New York, a new photo management software solution was introduced to much fanfare: Mylio. Mylio aims to solve a lot of problems that other companies seemed to be floundering around. It would give us complete access to our images no matter what platform we were on, and would regularly back them up across platforms and in the cloud or through whatever system you were currently working. It also brought something else to the table that immediately caught my interest: an in-house, custom built raw editor that worked on iPad, iPhone and desktop computers.

Syrp's New Magic Carpet Is Everything Promised, and Everything Needed

The Syrp Genie is a great, though imperfect, timelapse machine that has recently added another trick to its arsenal: repeatable motion. Originally, the first couple bits of firmware to the Syrp weren't perfect at the repeatable motion tasks, but the most recent update has fixed all the issues, giving us the ability to fine-tune motions and get them time and again, exactly as they were the first time. With the addition of the new Magic Carpet, there is a lot we can now do with the Syrp.

How Would You Describe Your Relationship with Your Bag?

Our gear is a major investment, and what we use to carry and protect it – our bags and cases – say a lot about us as photographers. I have collected quite a few bags over the years, but I find myself returning to the same one when getting ready for a shoot. My mainstay organizes all of my usual suspects, from my camera to my lenses and memory cards, in just the right way. My equipment, including my bag, has joined me on all of my exploits. My bag of choice isn’t just protection and security for my gear; it’s practically a partner in crime. So we wondered... what about your bag makes it your partner?

Managing Fear: A Short Film on Conquering Your Demons

In the years I've been in this industry, one of the more pervasive problems I have seen talented people deal with is personal fear: Fear of failure, fear of uncertainty, even fear of success. I think a misconception is that successful people do not experience these fears. They certainly do, but they have learned to overcome them, harness them, and succeed in spite of them.

Are Your Photoshop Skills Good Enough to Solve a Murder Mystery?

Adobe is having a bit of fun with Halloween this year and are hosting something a bit unusual... a murder mystery hidden in a Photoshop Document. The murder scene is a multi-layered PSD file for fans to explore and sort through using Photoshop. Can you solve the mystery?

LG to Debut 4K Monitors in the US at New York's Photo Plus Expo

LG Electronics has launched its new Digital Cinema 4K Monitor in the US, a professional-grade desktop display that delivers the intense detail and color accuracy for the photo, video and graphic design markets. The monitor is strikingly affordable, as the 31-inch screen is set to sell for $1399.

New Company Storytag Wants to Give Wedding Albums a Written Dynamic

Albums are a big seller for wedding photographers, and for good reason. Brides want a physical memory of their day they can pull down off the shelf for years to come. But Storytag founder Nikki McKenna believes there is room for improvement when it comes to albums. She thinks that adding a written story element can really change the power of an album.

Prepare For an Onslaught of Cute: Carli Davidson's "Shake" Series is Back... with Puppies!

I have to say, it's been a blast seeing where Carli Davidson's passion for dogs has taken her, starting way back in 2012 when I first featured her on Fstoppers, and again last year with the release of her book Shake. Today marks the official release of her new book, Shake Puppies, and she somehow managed to create a book of cute that surpasses that of her original printed piece.

Big Discounts on Panasonic GH4, Fuji Lenses and Nikon D610

The Nikon D610 is currently $300 off on instant rebate, bringing the brand new version to $1696. You can get one from the refurb department for even less, though, at just shy of $1500. Fuji is offering $200 off many of their lenses as well. The biggest deal though, in my opinon, is the $800 off the Panasonic GH4, my new favorite camera, when you get it with the interface unit. You can get $300 off with the 12-35mm lens bundle.

Win a Wall of Metal Prints from Miller's Photo Lab

We're bringing you great contests hosted by our pals at Viewbug weekly, and this week you can have a chance to win a wall of metal prints valued at $500 and have your photo featured at Miller's booth at Imaging USA 2015. Just show us your best outdoor portrait!

Samsung Aims High with the NX1, Partners with Joseph Gordon-Levitt to Produce Film

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is, rather quickly, becoming very involved with our industry. If you were at Adobe MAX a couple weeks ago, you would have seen him moderating the "Sneaks" panel. Today, he keep that train rolling with a partnership with Samsung and his open collaborative production company, hitRECord. Titled, “In a City”, the campaign will see the actor and filmmaker direct a short film inspired by cities across the globe shot entirely on the NX1 in 4K.

A Year Later: Have Firmware Updates Improved the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera?

About two years ago, Blackmagic made enormous waves in the cinema industry with their original cinema camera. A year later, they packed that camera into a preposterously small package, giving filmmakers the ability to take high quality video with them virtually anywhere. With numerous highly desired firmware updates since then, we wanted to see how the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera has handled the test of time.

Win a New Tripod and Camera Bag from Vanguard!

We're bringing you great contests hosted by our pals at Viewbug weekly, and this week you can have a chance to win a new tripod and camera bag from Vanguard. Just show us a photo that would have been impossible to take without a tripod... Drag that shutter!

New Turntable Add-On from eMotimo Aims to Make Product Shooting a Breeze

If you haven't heard about eMotimo, then you probably aren't much into timelapsing. eMotimo is one of the leaders, next to Dynamic Perception, Kessler and Syrp, in timelapse devices, and the eMotimo TB3 is the only device that allows for three axis movement with one machine. Now they're really pushing the device beyond timelapse with this new add-on accessory for repeatable product shots called the Turntable.

Medium Format in the Sky: Eric Crosland's Aerial Photos of the Icelandic Eruption

Eric Crosland is the director of Sherpa Cinema, a collective of artists who produce some pretty amazing stuff. Crosland recently went to some rather remote parts of Iceland with Dave Mossop and John Trapman working on capturing some landscapes, something for which Iceland is a mecca. While there, the Icelandic eruption occurred and Crosland was ready with a Phase One.

Watch the Cityscape of Boston Dance Along to Music in this Unconventional Timelapse

Making a timelapse stand out is getting more and more difficult. I love that making them has become much easier and more approachable, but with hundreds being produced every day it can be hard to filter through to find the really great ones. This "layer timelapse" by Julian Tryba goes in a totally different direction than most lapses, ignoring the general perception of time.

This Aerial Video of a "Typical" San Francisco Morning is Anything But

Toby Harriman, founder of the creative collective Planet Unicorn and good friend of mine, just finished a beautiful aerial video featuring my hometown, San Francisco. In just two, one hour flights, Toby was able to masterfully capture the beautiful pink sunrise and signature San Francisco fog out the door of a helicopter. It reminds me how much I love this city.

Weekly Contests are Back! Win a Personal Website from Squarespace

We're happy to say that our weekly contests are back, thanks to our friends at Viewbug! Need a new website? Make sure you enter this week's contest to be eligible to win a new website from Squarespace (who I use for my site and love it). All you have to do is impress judge Fefo Bouvier with your best rural scenery photo.