The Wednesday Rundown 2.8.12

Howdy and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This is the last week of BTS videos created for our yearly contest. Check out what the competition did this year and start thinking about next year. This week we have a band promo shot at a demolition site. Watch the last video to see what a FS reader captured while on vacation in Portugal. If you have a video that you think we might like to post, please click on "submit content" above.

Rock Band:

Marko show us how he shot a band promo at a demolation site. With an umbralla and softboxes he lights the band members with acouple different views on site. Great final images at the end of the video.

FStoppers BTS contest from Marko Puncer on Vimeo.

Shots around Chicago:

Tyler and Matt take the city of Chicago with several quick and easy portrait setups. With their model they show us how to setup quick and portable lighting setups to get great shots. I love the color they have in the photos they took.

Flying Rig:

In this video Mark shows us his boyscout skills and makes a flying rig for his subject. Pretty cool idea to get a different looking photo.

BTS - Alien Abduction - FStoppers from Mark Nott on Vimeo.

Remote Islands Of Portugal:

Travis had the chance to take a trip to some remote islands of Portugal, and he took advantage of the trip. Watch his video as he does various shots on his trip. All turn out amazing with this gorgeous environment.

FStoppers BTS Azores from Travis Tank on Vimeo.

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Tyler and Matt's Run and Gun shoot in Chicago was certainly the best for me...

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Hehe I live there in the Azores. In the same island Travis visited. =) That's just one of 9.

Jon Uhler's picture

What Zack video is Tyler and Matt talking about? Nice video guys...

Jeku Arce's picture

Yes Jeku, that's the video we were referring too. Thank you all for your kind words. 


I enjoyed Shots around Chicago the most, but it was also cool to see the rigging an stuff that went into the flying shot.I did a sort of run/gun shot a while ago in glasgow, I had my wife hold one flash while I had the models mum ( a friend) hold the other, we had tones of fun and this is one of the images from the shot.

Paul, I like that shot a lot, very dynamic contrast range between the model's clothing and the background, really helps to capture the viewer.