The Wednesday Rundown 8.11.10

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Rundown. This weekend all of us here at Fstoppers got out on the open road and got away for a couple of days. It feels great to free your mind and see some new landscape. This week we have a line up of fashion shoots and one of a band. Send in some videos you find on the

Magazine Photo Shoot:

I like this photo shoot, something different with having a beautiful model holding a fishing rod. Final images turn out very well.

Fashion Photo Shoot:

An interesting photo shoot with a model with some funky hair and make up. This photographer does some unique shots with the model that really turn out professional in the end.

Long Island City Photo Shoot:

Another fashion shoot outside of NYC, this is one of my favorite places outside of NYC right now. I like the ring flash this guy has set up.

Band Photo Shoot:

Not a huge fan of the music in this video and the lighting could be softened a bit more. The commercial / industrial hallway has some potential.

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[Band Photo Shoot]
Hmm..not a huge fan of MOTORHEAD!!?? Fair enough. Also, those are some pretty legendary musicians he's shooting.

Jerrit Pruyn's picture

It was a lot to take in with the music like that. I have some buddies that like Motorhead.

Good to see a video without a namby-pamby music track. Also good to see some photos without the typical softbox mush. The use of the Mola kills the look for me, too much fill. Looks like he is using the 400ws DynaLite with JackRabbit battery power, small & light.

The shots in the tunnel are really nice because they don't overpower the practical lighting, the kicks of the floor add a lot to the background.

Anthony Tripoli's picture

I actually got mildly excited in the beginning because I thought he was going to use that song, which was Earth Crisis - Firestorm. I think for the subject matter he was shooting, the music made sense, although the video moved kinda slow to the soundtrack, so it really didn't work out too well imo.

Old Earth Crisis is good, Motorhead rules (even though I like the Blood for Blood cover of that song more haha), and I've never been an Arch Enemy fan...

Bla bla bla. I really liked the first video with the fishing models. I wish there had been some commentary, and I often wonder what people do in their post processing when watching some of these videos.