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3.21 - "Solid" 

Machapuchare at sunset Annapurna sanctuary, Nepal

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Wow, that's all I've got for this shot! Bravo!

Terrific shot - one comment about the processing, I don't know if this looks the same way to other people (perhaps its my uncalibrated monitor) but the purple tint appears a tad strong.

Especially on the mountain and the warm tones on the fells underneath.

Yes maybe you're right, but actually I didn't push very much with the PP, the sunset was really strong. Anyway just alittle bit too far, I agree with you..will be for the next contest ;)

Two things that would up this from a 3 to 4 is a slightly different crop to emphasize the mountain and clouds. Mostly removing the top half of the image because it's not adding much to the picture. Secondly, the color of the foreground range. Maybe the range was actually orange, but it's such a stark contrast to that nice purple glow that it distracts me away from the subject.

Would be cool if I could take a shot editing this myself to show you what I mean. It might not be "better" just more to my own personal taste.

Thanks Alex, I have to admit that I did not put that effort in the post production of this picture because I said to me "the day I will PP this picture I should find time and will to do my best" but it still didn't happen :D. I submitted to the contest anyway, just to play with the other guys ;)