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2.54 - "Solid" 

Horseshoe Bend - Grand Canyon National Park

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Get that horizon line straight!

The image is level, though... The south wall of the bend is a higher elevation than the north which might be giving you the impression that it is not level. I always shoot with the virtual horizon on in camera with liveview and every image I take I make sure is spot on.

I know it's got a slight down slope in real life.

Maybe it's my personal preference, but I'd have the horizon line in the edit a little straighter. To me it really distracts away from the potential of a solid photo.

I'm inclined to agree with Alex here - there is a difference between 'visually level' and 'actually level'.

Large format photographer, Ben Horne, had a recent video on Youtube about the difference between the two (Ep. 151).

Just to clarify you believe the left side of the image is too high, right?

Operating under that assumption the issue is if I level the image out to account for the slope other parts of the image are going to look very much off. For instance, the formation at the center of the bend will look terribly sloped.

I encourage you to check out the method that Ben Horne used on his YouTube video. There is a way to level the horizon more without affecting other things too much.

Anyway, I'm not an authority on this stuff - just my two cents.

I'll watch it later tonight. Thanks!

Ben Horne is the shit! I love sitting down and watching some film be exposed because I sure as hell don't know how to do it lol