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2.97 - "Solid" 

Sunrise at Tugela Falls

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How is this rated < 3?!! Come on people - be honest.

That's an absolutely stunning scene. I don't think I've ever seen this angle of those falls.

One minor (possible) critique would be to reduce the 'glow' (Orton effect I guess) - I'd love to see the textures more in the fg (if you were able to capture those).

I think it would've required focus stacking to capture the detail through the image.

Many thanks for the comment Sasidhar! I didn't use an orton effect, I think it might have been just slightly hazy. When you mention the lack of texture, are you talking about the rocks on the right? I think there is reasonable detail (sharpness) throughout, I shot this at f16 without focus stacking. I wanted to focus stack originally, but since this is already a panoramic with bracketed exposures, focus stacking that would have given me 30 or 45 frames. And I really wasn't sure how long the sun would shine through that cloud gap, so I didn't want to risk it :)

Yeah I completely understand - I am just quibbling quite unnecessarily at this point.

And, for a scene with this much depth of field, it is more than reasonably sharp throughout and f/16 makes perfect sense here.

It's a beautiful image - simply gorgeous. Please don't let my prior quibble take anything away from that.

I would be more than happy to hang a large print of this in my house :)

I really appreciate the positive feedback, many thanks! I'm really happy about any critique I can get, it's always great to hear other photographers' opinions. Well, I'll happily sell you a print if you want one ;)