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2.93 - "Solid" 

Van Gogh's Barn

I spend months every spring/summer stalking my local sunflower fields, and I especially love finding them with barns. They're mainly a filler crop, so they rotate their acreage annually, making perfecting previous comps often impossible, but providing more opportunities to discover new ones :).

Mature sunflowers face away from the setting sun, so I have found that headlamps and speedlights (and stepladders lol) are critical for perfect sunflower shots.

1/25 sec f/4 Iso 400 105mm with diffused headlamp on the central sunflower.

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This is a pretty solid image. The main critique I have is that the orange light in the background is a little distracting. I think a quick stamp job in PS could fix it up

There also appears to be some sort of split within the image, going on around the right side. I'm not sure if you deleted something using the lasso tool, but something funky is going on there.

Either way, a nice shot with some minor fixes needed.

the orange light is the barns light and i left it on on purpose because i liked it’s interaction with the scene’s colors :) i understand if you prefer it removed, but it was definitely an active decision, not an oversight :) im not sure what you mean about a split in the image? i did not remove anything from the scene and i am not sure what you mean by a split? id love more clarity on this? this image has been print 9ft tall by 8ft wide for a commercial space and ive never seen the flaw you are describing 😳😳😳

Unfortunately, I can’t post pictures here. Perhaps it’s the site compression or something, but I’ll try to describe it.

On the right side, in the trees, there’s a hard line that goes straight down through the sunflowers. It’s barely visible, but I can see it on both my pc and phone. If you zoom in on the tree line on the right side, you should be able to see what I mean.

I’ll try to find a way to upload a zoomed in image showing what I mean, when I get home.

I saw your comment about feedback in the main thread and I'm new here. Just wanted to chime in and say I thought this was a very nice solid image as well (rated it a 3 for portfolio ready) - but have to agree about the one barn light being a distraction. It's just so much brighter than the rest of the image that it is a bit overpowering. It is the only thing I would change about the image (remove or dim) but I understand it was an active decision to keep it on your end. I do not see any split as mentioned above in your photo, though!

It was obviously a thought out and well executed shot. Nice job!

and i super appreciate your feedback :) since no one else who is giving it twos has bothered to provide any i sight-so thank you :)