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2.63 - "Solid" 

"A Diesel Mechanics Breakfast"
Shot in my garage. I wanted to shoot something with food that is something you wouldn't eat. No compositing. In this photo I have an everything bagel with cream cheese, scallions, nuts, bolts and a bit of motor oil.

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very interesting... a little oversharpened to my taste, but definitely well done


I wish the concept was a little more on the nose - some reason for why the bolts (specifically) were what you paired with the food. Or, a variety of different things inside the bagel to play off of the "everything" bagel. Interesting shot though, either way. Definitely unique!

Thanks, great suggestions, your making me want to set it back up and give it another try!

A little over-processed and not a fan of the dutch tilt, but it got a laugh out of me

this is truly unique!