Canon EOS 1D MK IV

Canon EOS 1D MK IV

Who It's For:

The Canon EOS-1D X is Canon’s latest professional grade DSLR. This camera was designed for the working professional who demands the most out of their gear. It’s tough, fast and if you need it, and you know who you are, you’ll already have one on order.

What We Like:

Autofocus: Incredibly fast autofocus that works in almost any situation, it’s also incredibly customizable

Speed: The 1D MK IV can shoot up to 10fps

Build Quality: The MK IV is an incredibly solid camera with a magnesium alloy frame.

Battery Life: Excellent battery life compared to other comparable cameras

Professional Ergonomics and Features

What We Don't:

Weight: It’s a big camera that can get heavy on long shoots.

AF Performance Issues: Full AF performance in ultra low light can only be realized with Spot-AF, which is only available on a select 7 lenses.

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