Nikon 180mm f/2.8D AF IF-ED

Nikon 180mm f/2.8D AF IF-ED

Who It’s For:

This is an older lens from Nikon that was announced back in the days of film, but it’s still a great lens to this day, and at just under $900, this is a solid medium range tele. It’s built like a professional lens too so don’t worry about light damage, it’ll stand up to the task like a champ.

What We Like:

Build Quality: As I said above, it’s built like a tank.

Price: It’s somewhat more expensive than other lenses from sigma and tamron in this focal length category, but it’s considerably cheaper than the $2500 70-200mm f/2.8 and has much better build quality than the off brand lenses.

Speed: The autofocus on this camera is very quick as long as it’s switched into AF mode.

What We Don’t:

Switch Between AF and MF: The switch requires you to move the switch on the camera and on the lens to use.

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LTL Photography's picture

Everything you said about this lens is true, I love it. I bought mine used, one of the best camera gear purchases I have ever made. 

Dev Ambardekar's picture

It's a remarkable lens and I was really surprised by its build quality when I held it. 

It has great AF capability however, I feel there is a lack of contrast in the image when shot at 2.8