Nikon SB-900

Nikon SB-900

Who It’s For: 

This is Nikon’s top professional flash and is perfect for anyone who needs a high quality, feature rich flash that despite its size, is very portable and comes with some great accessories. This has been replaced by the Nikon SB-910.

What We Like:

Long Zoom Range: This flash will zoom out all the way to 200mm

Power: This is a very powerful flash that can almost replace comparable monoblock heads.

What We Don’t:

Carrying Case: The case for this flash has been redesigned and is far too tall to fit in many photographers bags which can be very annoying for people who have several of these flashes.

Lacks Features: This particular flash has been replaced by the SB-910, which has all of the features of the SB-900 with a few extras added on.

Size: This flash is massive,  when attached to the top of the camera the SB-900 can get a little annoying due to its size.

Price: At almost $500 dollars this is a very pricy flash and compared to comparable monoblock heads, doesn’t seem to be worth the price if you’re only using it for studio work. If you absolutely need the mobility and ability to work on camera, this is definitely a flash to consider.

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