ProPhoto D1 Air

ProPhoto D1 Air

Who It’s For:

These lights are for the serious professional who needs the absolute best of the best. They’re very expensive, but they have an incredibly fast flash duration and are built very well. They’re also incredibly powerful. So, if you want some of the best studio lights money can buy, and don’t mind paying a premium for it, these are the lights for you.

What We Like:

Color Temperature: Unlike Alien Bee’s or other less expensive monoblock systems, these lights have remarkably consistant color temperatures even in high use situations.

Air Remote: The best part about this light system is the "Air Remote". It's basically a radio trigger designed specifically for these lights that allows you to control the power of the lights from your camera. It's a great system and is very reliable.

Speed: The refresh rate on these lights is very fast, even at full power.

Build Quality: These lights are very solidly built

What We Don’t:

 Weight: These lights are fairly heavy, so if you absolutely have to travel light, they may not be the lights for you.

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