Speedlight 580EX

Speedlight 580EX

Who It’s For:

This is Canon’s top of the line professional Speedlight which is for anyone who needs a (comparably) light weight, powerful flash. It’s a little big on top of a camera, but it’s definitely worth the extra heft because this is a very versatile flash. This particular flash has been replaced by the newer 580EX II, but this flash is still useful and can be found for a lot less than the newer model.

What We Like:

Price: It’s an expensive flash, but compared to it’s big brother, its worth the price.

Build Quality: This is one of Canon’s professional flashes and is built very well.

AF-Assist Beam: This really helps to get perfect focus in dark areas.

What We Don’t:

Size: This is a very big flash, you’re going to notice it on top of your camera.

Noise: This may not bother a lot of people, but the high pitched whine from these flashes drives me slightly crazy.

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