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I just joined fstoppers and have been searching for a group or forum to ask this question. I'll apologize now if this isn't the right place.

I'm looking for help with pricing. A friend who is a designer could by stock photos but she's trying to send me business.

She's working with a restaurant to re-design their space. She could easily purchase stock images but she's trying to send business my way. (My work has been primarily portraiture) The design includes 20-25 images of vintage train parts and a few of the building. (The restaurant is an old train station.)

I need some advice in terms of pricing and subject. The building is at least 2 hours away and aside from a 3 hour drive to a train museum I'm trying to figure where to start for train parts.

What more information do you need to help with this question?

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This type of thing is so hard to figure out. I've done stuff like this for a few hundred bucks and a few thousand bucks and I have friends who do it for tens of thousands. My suggestion, especially since she is your friend, is to ask her their budget.

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After thinking about it I decided to just tell her my thoughts with the intent of turning down the job -.before I had the chance she told me her client decided to have a contest with local artists and get free work. Hmmmm

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First of all this group is for stock photography and your project doesn't have anything to do with stock. If she is working with a specific restaurant then they want photos of their space and not stock photos.

Pricing depends on a lot of things....your skill, what you feel your worth, what average rates in your area are(please don't underbid people by a long shot) , what you want to make per hour...etc. etc.

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Wow that was super helpful.. thanks so much