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Sex in the gym

This is a recent photo I took at a photoshoot in the gym. I have been shooting at the gym for about a year and starting to come up with a style. Pushing and pulling cool and warm colors.
I'm looking for some critiques or tips.

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The lighting and tonality are good but the eyes are out of focus - the whole face isn't sharp in the first image. A shot like this without sharp eyes loses half its impact.

The head angle is terrible for the model's nose in the second and very strange things are happening to the edge of her left arm.

Thank you for the critique, David. I agree with all your points.

Tony -

You don't say what gear you are using - it's a good idea generally to say. If your focus problem is because you are using a less than pro-grade DSLR, then you can fix the problem by shooting in Live View and using a monopod or tripod - the on-sensor focus will be slower but more accurate.

Your problems should all be easy to fix. Lighting is the hard part and you have that right.

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GREAT SHOTS! I love your work and I can see you are trying to push fitness photography through creative camera angles and lighting. I too am shooting high end fitness images with a fashion flair. Check out my site: https://fitnessmodelphoto.com