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Major companies asking for trade instead of paying


So the marketing department of a local, but international based hotel chain contacted me about using some of my photos for an upcoming holiday promotion. Immediately, they wanted to know if I was interested in trade, such as a "free room" for one night. I was pretty offended since I know it costs them absolutely nothing to comp a room. They want to use the photos (3) specifically for social media, but regardless, I'm not willing to part with my work for a hotel room in a city I already reside. Any suggestions as to handle this? Thanks again.

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Hi Frederick, It is nice to hear that you have been approached by this hotel. If I were you I would make a counteroffer and request the money I would expect for such services/photos. I would state that for these photos I would normally charge a higher fee but since it is a first with them I would do it for a better price. However, if you do not agree to go down this road you could be more direct and tell them that you are not interested in the free stay and tell them how much such photos would cost. I know it is difficult as you do not want to lose a potential client but also you do not want them to take advantage of your hard work. Clearly, they are interested and they love your work and if that is the case they will pay for it. My guess is, they just trying their luck!!! Anyway, I hope this helps!! Good luck!!! I would love to hear how this goes.