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Best solutions for triggering/controlling Nikon SB9xx/5000 with Elinchrom EL-Skyport

Looking for advice on the best way to control 2-3 Nikon SB900/910/5000's from an Elinchrom Quadra setup using an EL-Skyport ?

The EL-Skyport currently controls 2x Quadra Packs with 2-4 heads depending on the Job.

While cleaning up my equipment room over the weekend I found a couple of SB9xx flashes and it got me to thinking how I could use them together with my Quadra's.

I am sure this has been done on a regular basis so I wanted to ask here first ?

Thanks for any advice.


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Hey Lain,

There are two ways to trigger Nikon flashes with another system. One is optically and the second is with radio receivers.

Nikon flashes, I believe even the SB-910 and the 5000 still have optical slave built into them. Here is a link to Strobist article on how to get it done:

Just set your Nikon flashes to optical and they will fire with any flash light or strobe. Not the best when the flashes are hidden but at no extra cost, it is the best way.

The second is a much more expensive way (since you opted for Elinchrom:-)) and it's by purchasing three receivers ($100 each, thank you very much). Elinchrom receivers have hot shoe but I would not recommend putting a flash on a hot shoe.

You better off using PC cable to connect. The 900 and the 910 have a PC connection but I am not sure about the 5000. Here is a link to B&H:

Hope that helps.


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Thanks a lot mate