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For my Newbie self: Regarding 3rd party lenses

I'm looking at expanding my lens collection; so far I've only bought Nikkor lenses. My only issue is the price point for new lenses. I was wondering, out of the third-party lenses out there, which 3rd party brands would you recommend, which ones would you avoid? I'm looking for the best quality for the least cost. Any input any of you can provide would be amazing. Camera I have is a Nikon D750.

Thank you

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Nathan, it was along time ago that I built my lens collection but I would say look closely at third-party lenses. There are some good ones from several manufacturers but not necessarily over the complete line so look at them on a case by case basis. Personally, I found buying used or refurbished Nikon lenses has worked well. There are a ton of lenses for Nikon and for the most part any of them from the 1950's will work, albeit without all the bells and whistles. Just be sure you buy from a reputable seller who will accurately represent the lens and back up the sale if you buy used.