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Affordable sources for Flags/Cutters/Floppies/Scrims/Frames?

Am looking for sources for frugal Flags/Cutters/Floppies/Scrims/Frames? Unfortunately as I live so far from the USA, buying from B&H etc is prohibitively expensive due simply to shipping costs.

Can anybody find these elsewhere such as direct from China from Aliexpress? (or eBay) I've successfully purchased C stands from Aliexpress, but can't seem to source the rest of the lighting modifier gear I need with it from there.

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Large popup 5 in 1 etc reflectors usually have a diffusion panel in the middle off the zip off section...i.e. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Phot-R-120x180cm-48-x72-PRO-5-in-1-Photo-Studi...

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I see that for the first time, but it's quite an interesting topic. I'm also away from B&H and I'm always looking for affordable accessories like these as you can't have too many of them.