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Amateur military photographer.

Amateur military photographer. Canadian Armed Forces. Attempting to best represent the men and women in uniform whom I serve with.

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David. thanks for taking on such a daunting project. Ok, a project of passion that could be non-stop. I am prior-military; and I know a lot of people who are just plain interested in history in general who either collect or enjoy studying the history of military uniforms or military history.

From the images you have posted here, you are capturing some great images that tell stories. The composition looks great and you are getting a lot of angles that we don't traditionally see. You also have that opportunity being in the military to access that most don't.

Best of luck with the ongoing project, and remember to try to tell a short story with each and every one of your images. Future historians might look at your work one day and be able to tell a lot about the early 21st century military unit(s) you served with or photographed. Make them count!!

Great work, and thank you again for your service.