How To Photograph Real Estate and Vacation Rentals
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North Rim Grand Canyon Cape Royal SE View

One of my largest gigapixel photos.

Oct.1, 2018. 4:45 PM. -- At 14 ft by 32 ft., this is the largest Gigapixel Wall Mural photo I have shot to date. The Colorado River is clearly visible at the bottom of the canyon. Zooming into the high resolution view, visible on the far rim, is the Indian Watchtower at Desert View, a 70-foot (21 m)-high stone building located on the South Rim some 8.5 miles (according to Goggle Earth) from the location this image was shot.

Image was shot with Canon 5DSR, Canon 70-200mm lens @200mm, f/11,, 1/160th sec. exposure, ISO 200. It is made up of 189 images, 7 rows x 27 columns 25% overlap in portrait orientation.

The original image is:

6.03 Giga-pixels
51,928 x 116,112 pixels
173" x 387" (14.4' x 32.25') 300 PPI un- cropped image size
Image shown is 1:2.236 ration cropped.

A high resolution virtual tour can be viewed here:

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