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Yellowstone Falls Sunrise -- 4.69 Gigapixels

June 28, 2019, 5:40AM. -- The Yellowstone Falls had eluded me for several years. Always at the top of my bucket list of locations begging to have a Gigapixel photo shot at, I finally managed to be in the area with good weather. We got up at 3:45AM to drive the 45 miles from West Yellowstone to be at the overlook for sunrise. The good Lord blessed us with nice blue skies and a beautiful morning with no smoke or wind. This was the first time I ever witnessed a sunrise at Yellowstone Falls and I stood in awe as God painted the canyon with new sunlight. Known as the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, the early morning light played on the canyon walls casting shadows across the deep cuts in the walls of the canyon giving testimony as to why this land is called "Yellowstone".

This image shot with Canon 5DSR, Canon 300mm lens, f/13, 1/160th sec. exposure, ISO 160. This Gigarama is made up of 200 individual images (8 rows x 25 columns)

The original image is:

4.69 Gaga-pixels
48,417 x 96,835 pixels
161" x 323" 300 PPI ( 13.4 ft. x 26.9 ft.) un- cropped image size

Interactive Virtual Tour can be viewed here:

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