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Lightroom Vs other software

To my understanding Lightroom is the best photo editing software but are there some alternatives besides lightroom, would love to hear your opinions and experiences with each software.

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Darktable for photo manipulation and the free canon software for sifting/base correction as the first part of my flow.

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Lightroom is primarily aimed at developing RAW files. It is used to process the data captured by your camera but isn't useful if you need to edit the file (create data).

Photoshop is an image editor... it allows you to create data. You can start with a blank page and create whatever image you want... or you can take a photograph and enhance it by altering the data or creating new data (or compositing multiple images together).

Other packages work on the same lines. They are either a RAW processor, an image editor or a hybrid of both. Generally the "best" one is the one that suits your specific needs.