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Buy 5D Mark IV and 24-105 f/4 II in kit?

Canon is selling the new 5D Mark IV in a kit with the new 24-105 f/4 IS II lens. Since the body and the lens can be purchased separately for the same price as the kit, is there any advantage in buying the kit? I'm leaning toward buying the body and lens separately so I can sell each component separately at a future date, and provide a box as part of the sale. Am I missing something?

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If the price is the same, then there's no advantage. I think normally, when they kit them together, you would save about $200, but I guess they didn't do it this time.

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If there's no savings, I wouldn't bother. Even if the new version of that lens is sharper, I feel its only purpose is convenience. Slow for a 24, and not long enough at the other end. I have the original version, and it's rarely out of the safe.