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Magenta cast on canon 5d mark iv

I got my canon 5d mark iv, upgraded from mark iii a week ago, shot today and noticed a strong magenta cast on all my pictures, im shooting raw, I thought it was the overcast weather but then tried it with studio lights and the magenta cast is very strong, I compared pics with my 5d mark iii same settings and the difference is notorious, magenta cas all over the 5d mark iv pics, makes it unusable, do you guys know what I should do? Purchased my camera through adorama. I know I can get rid of the magenta in lightroom but really dont want to edit every single picture I take.

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Ian Meyers's picture

as long as you don't have a filter or diffuser causing this i would return it. I shoot both cameras daily and cast is consistent.

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Thank you Ian, that's what I'm going to do

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That's a huge cast. It looks like a WB bias is set on the 5D IV.

Did you get the issue figure out Neto?

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Before returning it, make sure the WB correction has not been accidentally biased towards magenta. It's under the [Shooting Tab 2 (the 2nd red tab with a camera symbol)→WB Shift/Bkt] menu item. If there is any value in the box on the right with an 'M' in front of it, the camera is set add a magenta bias. To reset WB correction to zero, while in the above menu item, press the <Delete (trash can)> button and then press the <Set> button. You MUST press the <Set> button for any changes you make to WB Shift/Bkt to take effect. If you exit the menu without pressing <Set> the previous values will still be in effect!