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URBEX and Abandoned Photography

Hello everyone!

I wasn’t able to find a group that focused on urban exploration (URBEX) so I created one. I know there are plenty of people who are really into this genre so please post your photos.

It’s alway great to see some history and there’s definitely some beauty in decay and abandoned structures.

Here are a few photos of a recent urbex in Detroit, MI.

Again, please post your photos 😁

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pdbreske's picture

Thanks for creating this group. I hope to see more and even contribute some of my own.

Chris Sesta's picture

Thanks for the suggestion Phillip! I hope so too!

German Simonson's picture

Chris, since this group is very new, may I propose something. I’ve been developing what I call “Industrial Fine Art” genre for some time (it is somewhere between architecture, urbex, BW and Fine Art, for examples see my profile or www.gsphotography.lt/Volklingen-Exteriors). Recently I got an idea to create a group here named “Industrial and Urbex”, and then found yours. What if we join our efforts and rename this group, making it more appealing for a broader audience - what do you think?

C Fisher's picture

Awesome! I've been obsessed with urbex for years.

Emile Husson's picture

Thank you for creating the group. I am just beginning to explore this aspect of photography, but I've always enjoyed looking at images of the abandoned. This will encourage me to go out and get more of my own shots!