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Abandoned Pool

Hello all, I come back regularly to this place and I am always seized by the power of the lines and the symbol of obsolescence. Your opinion on this cliché? Thank you and courage to all in adversity, the world is beautiful.

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Really great subject. Can only imagine what it was like in its peak. James I an no expert but I was wondering what it would look like in black and white, I would try it and then invert the colours to give it a surreal feeling. Cheers and stay safe. Also what does the outside of the building look like? Love abandoned places..

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Thank you for your interest and suggestions, i will get back to this place as soon as i am allowed to breathe !
This place deserves a book of its own. It is a highly political story and a strong symbol of the abandonment of public structures by the municipality. It is an Olympic swimming pool located on the edge of the site of the Calanques and the University of Luminy in Marseille.
What I have photographed here is the 25m covered pool, the 50m pool is outside. It is a building inaugurated in 1973 and closed for disadvantage in 2008, since then it has been totally abandoned.
Here are some references (in French ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
) :

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Wow looks like you have struck subject matter with this place. I will follow you in hope of some more pics of this place. Cheers.

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Wow, what an interesting building! Very nice.

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Thank you, i don't feel quite satisfied by the treatment, i will certainly get back to it. Too much blue and saturation after second thoughts..

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Good one, James! I'm inclined to agree with you - it's good as is, but the changes you suggest would particularly suit the dilapidation. If you do an edit, do post it under the original, so we can A/B directly. I'd be interested to see it.