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An interesting and noisy trip across Bass Strait to King Island off Tasmania's coast provided an opportunity when the light was right to show a detail of this old bird's skin, in all its patinated glory.

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Lovely lighting in this shot of my favorite airplane.

Thanks, Phillip! I didn't have much choice of viewpoint, and was very happy to have this view in the plane on this particular occasion.

As I have commented elsewhere, I love the toning of this - fits perfectly.

Thanks, Alan. We're both going a bit sepia, by the looks of recent posts... Checking back when you first commented, I was reminded how far I strayed from the truth here.

But isn't that what art is all about - building on a foundation of truth to create a story we want to portray?
I think you have told this tale wonderfully, from composition to lighting to toning.If just feels right!

Thanks again, Alan!