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Steam Punk Cliff Face

Pearns Steam World in Westbury, northern Tasmania is a must-see destination when I go south there from my home in Victoria. It provides myriad opportunities for intimate grimescapes.

The vertical face of this old boiler seemed like a miniature steel cliff to me, somewhat forbidding and imposing. It was framed nicely by its positioning along the axis of the giant grain shed used to house the old machinery from the further ravages of the elements. It all sits here, in quiet majestic repose.

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Love the contrast between the bright-ish brass and dark cast iron(?). And the curved roof beams mimic the round shape of the boiler. Very cool.

Thanks, Phillip! Hmm... cast or forged? It's a boiler end. Going back to the original files this day, I see that my processing has made the brass look much more polished, and less patinated than it really is. Not particularly my intention to convey that impression. Just fiddling until I'm happy. Yes, the roof beams with their skylights and underlighting make a big difference to the whole.

This put a smile on MY face!

Thanks, Ruth! Wasn't very sure at all this'd be your thing.